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Amazing Retention with Ease

We support lash artists to grow their businesses,
by using innovative technology that is...

Oilproof, Waterproof & Hypoallergenic

At Look Gorgeous Lashes,

We help lashes last, so your clients come back!

Our revolutionary LED Gel Lash System helps our lash adhesive cure in 1 second, providing a fast and flawless lashing experience in any environment.

Your clients can look gorgeous without compromising their lifestyle, even immediately after the appointment.

Our Customers love us


"I’m amazed and in love with my new glue! A client of mine got a facial right after her lash appointment, and to our surprise, she had the best retention at the next refill appointment."

Lash Expert

"My clients are loving this new lash system! All my clients have noticed the difference in retention, and love that they can use whatever products they want on their face."

Lash Expert & Educator

"I’ve been using the LED Gel Lash System for 3 months now, and I already have 4 clients, who stopped wearing extensions because of allergies, come back to me!"

Lash Artist

The limitations of the black glue...

Consider this...

Have you ever calculated how much business and customers you’ve lost over the years due to the following? →

❌ Bad Retention
❌ Allergic reaction
❌ Inconsistent results due to weather
❌ Time consuming because of frequent refills
❌ Have to avoid favorite skincare products
❌ Inconvenience of adjusting lifestyle for the sake of eyelashes
❌ High costs due to frequent refills

Put a number on how much repeat business you could have kept.

Imagine if the lashes last longer, and you’re able to complete the set faster?

Consider, if the lashes last longer, and the clients don’t have to come back as often, and you now have the room to take on more clients? How much growth can you expect in your business?

Search no further

Look Gorgeous LED Gel Lash System is here to help you solve all of these issues and improve your bottom line! 

Introducing look gorgeous

led gel lash system

Stop managing the issues

eliminate the problem altogether

LED GEL LASH SYSTEM STARTER KIT has every thing you need to get started

Looks Gorgeous Lashes - Oilproof 1S LED Gel glue - clear - altview

Solution I always wanted...

As a salon owner, I had all the challenges we all deal with every day. I decided its time we stop managing the problems, we should have a solution that eliminates the problems all together. →

The search  

When my long time client developed a severe allergic reaction to the glue, I said enough is enough. I had to find a solution that worked on everyone, every day, and every appointment.


We tested many formulations, many lights, re-tested and tweaked and modified and tested some more. The process was long and gruesome but I was finally able to come up with a glue that my severely allergic client can wear, with NO REACTION! Both her and I were ecstatic.

LED Gel Lash System

 Hypoallergenic with Super low fume

✔ Unmatched retention, Strong bond Easy to set up, easy to use. No training necessary

✔  Glue works in any environment - performance not affected by temperature or humidity

✔ Oilproof & Waterproof = Easy maintenance

✔ No more 24 hr rule - Contact with Water & Oil is ok IMMEDIATELY after the appointment

✔ SAFE = Our lamp is NOT UV

Search no further

Look Gorgeous LED Gel Lash System is here to help you solve all of these issues and improve your bottom line! 

I am so excited to share our solution with you!

It's the lash system you wish you had✨

Amazing retention
look gorgeous led lash system cures in 1 sec
Performs in hot/col*humid/dry environment
no more 24 hour rule when using look gorgeous led lash system
easy aftercare with look gorgeous led lash system
NO UV - Safe on skin, safe on eye

Actual results from real clients


has everything you need to get you started!


Easy setup, Easy to use
Once you try, You won't go back


Your clients will love the new glue, they won't go anywhere else!


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