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LED Gel Lash System Starter Kit


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Faster, Safer, Easier way to lash. Enjoy stress-free lashing experience and easy lash maintenance for your clients - oilproof, waterproof, hypoallergenic plus amazing retention! 


LED Gel Lash System Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you started!

What is included in LED Gel Lash System Starter Kit:

  • 1x Look Gorgeous GL400 LED lamp
  • 1x Manual & User Guide
  • 1x 1 second Oilproof LED Glue - Clear 0.17 fl oz [5ml]
  • 1x Safety Glasses
  • GL400 LED lamp is covered with 1 year guarantee!


LED lashes (or UV lashes) offers great benefits over traditional lash glue:

  • SAFER - significantly less fume, significantly less allergy
  • SAFE - Our LED light contains ZERO UV-B
  • FAST - complete cure in 1 second, no stickies
  • OILPROOF - clients enjoy their favorite skincare products and facials
  • No 24 hr rule - clients can go swimming right after the lash appointment
  • Any Temperature - glue performs even at high room temperature
  • Any Humidity - glue performs in dry or humid conditions
  • Great Retention - most clients' retention is prolonged by 1 week
  • Hypoallergenic - Over 1 year of testing, zero new allergies, 8/10 allergic clients can wear LED lashes with no reaction


Intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use - No added training is necessary

GL400 LED lamp is foot pedal operated. It is designed to be intuitive you need no extra training! It also comes with a detailed manual that includes assembly instructions and detailed explanation of all steps.

The manual contains everything you need to know to start using our system right away! As a trained lash professional, you will get used to the system in a set or two, and you can start implementing the system on your clients in no time. 

Fast and Easy to set up, Start using the lamp right away ❤️
Once you receive the lamp, the assembling takes only a few minutes and your GL400 LED lamp is ready for use in no time! No tool is necessary. It is lightweight and easy for us to assemble. 

Slim design that fits even in a tight space
The GL400 LED Gel Lash System does not take up much room. It’s slim design and stable base fits perfectly into your work area without getting in your way.
30 Day Try-it and-Love-It Guarantee

We are happy to offer 30 Day Try-it and-Love-It Guarantee on the Starter Kit.  
Please go over the Returns & Exchanges Policy if you'd like to take advantage of this exciting offer!

How does it work?

Our glue is photo-activated, and cures when you flash a light for 1 second with our GL400 LED lamp. Lamp is easy to operate with a foot pedal. Unlike traditional glue, the glue does not react with moisture to cure, which gives this system its very unique properties. 

Technical Facts

Technical Facts - GS400 LED Lamp

  • Wavelength: 400nm (±5nm)
  • Flexible gooseneck Length: 70cm
  • Length of the stand underneath: 109cm
  • Diameter of the base: 19cm
  • 5W / 1A / 5V
  • Working Distance between lamp head and the eye: 10 - 15cm
  • LED lifespan: 10,000 hours of usage (10 min of usage per client = 60,000 clients)
  • 1 year guarantee 

Technical Facts - LED Gel Glue

  • Working Temperature : 18 - 35 ℃ or 64-75 °F (Optimal temperature 25℃ or 77°F)
  • Working Humidity : 25 - 75% (Optimal humidity 50-55%)–LED lifespan: 10,000 hours of usage (10 min of usage per client = 60,000 clients)
  • Cure time : 1 sec
  • Shelf life: 4 months unopened, maximum 4 weeks once opened
  • Store in dark place away from the light (especially sunlight through the window)
  • Removal: Same as traditional glue
  • Ingredients: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, Sodium stearate, Photoinitiator
  • High humidity of above 60-65% and large windows with lots of sunlight may cure the glue faster. 

LED Gel Lash System Starter Kit

$324.99 CAD

At Look Gorgeous,

we help the lashes last, so your clients come back!

Our revolutionary LED Gel Lash System helps our lash adhesive to COMPLETELY cure in 1 second, providing a fast and flawless lashing experience in any environment.

Your clients can look gorgeous without compromising their lifestyle, even immediately after the appointment.


This client went on a 3 day spa getaway after the lash appointment. She thought she would lose all the lashes in a week or two but was pleasantly surprised!


This client had a very good retention with the traditional glue, and has been coming every 4 weeks. Since we switched to the LED system, she had to reschedule one time, and ended up coming close to 6 weeks later. To our amazement, she still had lashes left!


This client scheduled a facial right after her lash appointment. She told us if she loses everything she'll be back in a week. She came back 4 weeks later, very happy that her lashes last.

The limitations of the black glue

Consider this...

Have you ever calculated how much business and customers you’ve lost over the years due to the following? →

❌ Allergic reaction
❌ Bad Retention
❌ Inconvenience of adjusting lifestyle for the sake of eyelashes
❌ Have to avoid favorite skincare products
❌ Inconsistent results due to weather
❌ Time consuming because of frequent refills
❌ High costs due to frequent refills

Put a number on how much repeat business you could have kept.

Imagine if the lashes last longer, and you’re able to complete the set faster?

Consider, if the lashes last longer, and the clients don’t have to come back as often, and you now have the room to take on more clients? How much growth can you expect in your business?

Search no further

Look Gorgeous LED Gel Lash System is here to help you solve all of these issues and improve your bottom line! 

Introducing look gorgeous

led gel lash system

Stop managing the issues

eliminate the problem altogether

Looks Gorgeous Lashes - Oilproof 1S LED Gel glue - clear - altview

Solution I always wanted...

As a salon owner, I had all the challenges we all deal with every day. I decided its time we stop managing the problems, we should have a solution that eliminates the problems all together. →

The search  

When my long time client developed a severe allergic reaction to the glue, I said enough is enough. I had to find a solution that worked on everyone, every day, and every appointment.


We tested many formulations, many lights, re-tested and tweaked and modified and tested some more. The process was long and gruesome but I was finally able to come up with a glue that my severely allergic client can wear, with NO REACTION! Both her and I were ecstatic.

LED Gel Lash System

 Hypoallergenic with Super low fume

✔ Unmatched retention, Strong bond Easy to set up, easy to use. No training necessary

✔  Glue works in any environment - performance not affected by temperature or humidity

✔ Oilproof & Waterproof = Easy maintenance

✔ No more 24 hr rule - Contact with Water & Oil is ok IMMEDIATELY after the appointment

✔ SAFE = Our lamp is NOT UV

Search no further

Look Gorgeous LED Gel Lash System is here to help you solve all of these issues and improve your bottom line! 

I am so excited to share our solution with you!

It's the lash system you wish you had✨

Amazing retention
look gorgeous led lash system cures in 1 sec
Performs in hot/col*humid/dry environment
no more 24 hour rule when using look gorgeous led lash system
easy aftercare with look gorgeous led lash system
NO UV - Safe on skin, safe on eye

Our customers love us


"A client of mine got a facial right after her lash appointment, she had the best retention at the next refill appointment. I’m amazed and in love with my new glue!"

Lash Expert

"My clients are loving this new system! They all noticed the difference in retention, and love that they can use whatever products they want on their face."

Lash Expert & Educator

"I’ve been using the LED Gel Lash System for 3 months now, and I already have 4 clients, who stopped wearing extensions because of allergies, come back to me!"

Lash Artist

"I noticed my 3 week clients are coming back every 4 weeks now because the retention on the LED GEL glue is absolutely amazing. Highly recommended."

Lash Expert

How do I use it?

Step #1 - Prep

Prep the lashes as usual, wash the lashes with shampoo, and apply pretreatment for a squeaky clean slate.

Bending LED lamp for LED lash application

Step #2 - Bend & Check

Grab the super flexible gooseneck, and position the GL400 LED lamp head 10 to 15 cm above the eye you're working on. Once in position, step on the foot pedal for a second to make sure the light is shining on the eye

Dipping glue on eyelash extensions for LED/UV lash application

Step #3 - Dip

You dip the extension in the LED Gel Glue, just as you do with traditional glue. You can use jade stone, or glue ring. Whatever you are used to works!

Isolating lashes and aligning extension with natural lash for LED/UV lash application

Step #4 - Isolate & Align

Isolate the natural lash you want to work on, and place an extension on it. Align them carefully! At this point the glue is not cured, so you can wiggle and adjust all you want. 

Flashing LED light to cure the UV/LED glue for LED/UV lash application

Step #5 - Flash & Cure

When you are ready, step on the foot pedal to flash the light and within 1 to 2 seconds, the LED gel glue is completely cured.

Step #6 - Repeat

Because the glue is completely cured, continue working on neighboring lashes to save time. No need to alter the eyes, no need to worry about stickies!

We know that safety is important to you

Safe on your skin, Safe on your eyes 

Our system, both our glue and GL400 LED lamp is absolutely safe for you and your clients. 

It is designed to meet the European safety standards. In addition, our system was successfully tested on hundreds of clients at our multiple locations of eyelash salons before launching on the market.

In short, our LED light is safer than the sunlight you get at home through the windows.

AND, our glue produces significantly less fume compared to the regular black glue.

Click below to find out why! 👇🏻

Our GL400 LED light is SAFER

than the sunlight you get at home.

Safety FAQ

Our Gel Glue is safer than the traditional glue

Very low fume and no Carbon Black.

With our system, your clients are only exposed to the fume during the appointment when the light is flashing.

Curing mechanism with light has shortened the complete curing time from 24-48hrs in traditional glue down to just 1 second! Which means significantly shorter exposure time to allergen for our clients, reducing the chance of allergic reaction drastically.

Your clients will enjoy a strong bond with super low fume. In fact 8 out of 10 clients who react to the traditional glue are able to wear extensions again with our glue!

The system has been tested for more than a year, and at our multiple locations of salons, we have had no new allergic reaction to this system.  No stinging, and safer for lash artists also!

Our light is NOT UV light = safe on your skin

Our GL400 LED lamp emits light in the visible light range.  Because the frequency of our light is at the borderline visible light and upper end of UV-A, there is zero UV-B emitted from our lamp. You don't have to worry about getting a tan or a burn!

Because the light is a wave, even when it is calibrated at a specific wavelength, it slightly fluctuates. This is why there is a tiny tiny amount of UV-A contained in our light.

Do you feel safe driving your car during the day, or being in a room with windows during the day?

If you do feel safe, you should feel very comfortable under our lamp because the amount of UV-A from our lamp is A LOT less than what you get in your home or in your car during the day. Our lamp meets the European safety standards, and it is approximately 400 times safer compared to the UV from the Sun.

Our light is NOT UV light = safe on your eyes

Because the client's eyes are closed at all times, the light should not go into their eyes, and thus it is safe. Even if the client's eyes are open while flashing the light, the wavelength of light considered harmful to our eyes is 200nm to 315nm (UV-B range and this wavelength is in the sunlight).

Our lamp is calibrated to emit visible light at 400nm, which is considered very safe because it is far outside of the dangerous wavelength. We provide safety glasses for added protection, if you are concerned about a very unlikely event where you look directly into the light. 

Light from our lamp is NOT strong

In fact, it is less than 1/7 compared to UV lamps used for gel nails. Most professional LED and UV nail lamps are at least 36 watts vs Look Gorgeous GL400 LED lamp at 5 watts

Short exposure time

Our LED light contains no UV-B, and it is safe to begin with, but the short exposure time to the light makes it even safer for our clients.

For example: Exposure time for a fullset = 6 min 20 sec(2 sec per extension x 80 lashes per eye x 2 eyes = 320 sec = 6 min 20 sec)Exposure time for a refill = 3 min 10 sec

For a refill, assuming you are putting on about 40 lashes per eye, the time of exposure would be approximately 3 min 10 sec.

You can confidently tell your clients the light is safe to be used on their eye area. 

For lash artists, we provide protective glasses for added protection from the blue light.

Say bye-bye to many of your challenges

Imagine how you would feel and how much your business would grow if… all the typical challenges you encountered as a lash stylist are no longer an issue

No more allergies - 8 out of 10 clients with allergies can wear extensions again

Don’t stress about the humidity

Don’t worry about the room temperature

No more clients with “slippery” lashes that the glue just won’t “grab”

No fans closing on you when you let go

No more stickies

No more bad retention because the glue didn’t work properly

General FAQ

How long is the retention?

Because our glue is not affected by the oil or water, and cures flexible, the retention is so much better than any other eyelash glue on the market. 

Retention depends on the client, but on average we find that our clients' lashes last about 1 week longer compared to the traditional glue.

Can I use the LED gel lash system with any type of extensions?

Yes you can. You can use all types of extensions, minks, silks, singles, premade fans, handmade volume fans, eclipse lashes, any curls, any thickness. Whatever lashes you are currently using can be used with our system.

Do I need to be certified? Do I need training to use the system?

Our LED gel lash system is meant to be used by a certified eyelash professionals.

We designed our system to be used intuitively and easily, so as long as you know how to lash with traditional glue, you do not need any added training to implement our system at your salon.

How do I remove the lashes?

You can use the gel and/or cream remover you are currently using. Our LED glue is cyanoacrylate based, and the remover for traditional lash glue should work no problem.

Read more FAQ here.

Flawless lashing - Amazing results

LED Gel lash system is


- Better retention

- Safer

- Easier maintenance

You can win back allergic clients, and existing clients will feel the amazing benefits.

You'll enjoy more repeat business with happier clients ❤


be the first in your area!

The UV LED eyelash extensions system will revolutionize the lash industry in the coming years. Eyelash clients are starting to see the benefits of this innovative system on social media, and are starting to actively search for studios that offer the LED gel lash system.

Be the first in your area, differentiate your business from your competitors, gain back the allergic clients you’ve lost in the past, and grow your business now.  

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LED Gel Lash System Starter Kit


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