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Hey there, I'm Naoko

The brains and heart behind Look Gorgeous Premium Lash Supply.

Today, I want to take you on a journey – a journey of grit, innovation, and lash love.

It all kicked off back in 2008...

right in my cozy bedroom

At the time, eyelash extensions were like hidden gems in the beauty industry, and I was determined to master the craft. Through intensive training with internationally acclaimed lash gurus, I carved my path and soon became a recognized name in the field.

Success came a-knocking, and it wasn't long before my bedroom couldn't contain the lash magic anymore. I decided to open my very own salon and welcomed a squad of talented lash artists. Yet, this new chapter brought its own set of challenges.


The Skill Gap Saga

One thing that hit us hard was the vast difference in skill levels and experience among our lash artists.

Some would struggle when Mother Nature decided to play with humidity and temperature, leading to lashes that just wouldn't last. It resulted in free fills and more apology notes than I'd like to admit.

The "Why Is My Glue Misbehaving?" Mystery

Then, there were those head-scratching days when the lash glue seemed to have a mind of its own. It wouldn't cooperate, and the volume fans would close.

There are clients with lashes that feel “slippery” and the glue just won’t grab. Our staff struggled with time, and the clients weren’t too happy leaving with not-so-full looking lashes.

The Allergic Reaction Enigma

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching part of this journey was when clients developed allergic reactions.

While not a daily occurrence, it was heartbreaking to see clients bid farewell to their beloved lash extensions due to allergies, despite all our efforts with different glues and techniques.

the game-changer

Just when it seemed like these problems might persist indefinitely, I stumbled upon the game-changer – the LED gel lash system.

Armed with my background in pre-med and over a decade of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, I worked closely with the research and development team to perfect the system.

Implementing this revolutionary system at our salon brought about a remarkable transformation. Skill level disparities among our lash artists diminished, and complaints about retention became rare, even from those who struggled with traditional glue.

Our staff became adept at working swiftly, even on less-than-ideal days, and clients stopped complaining about not getting the full lash look they desired.

But the real magic happened when allergic reactions became a thing of the past. We reached out to clients who'd experienced allergies with traditional glue, and the majority were thrilled to find that they could once again indulge in the lash experience they adored – allergy-free.

Reflecting on this journey, I can't help but wish I had this system a decade ago. All those hours spent teaching staff how to adapt to environmental challenges and saying farewell to clients due to allergic reactions could have been avoided.

So, if you've ever faced these lash challenges, know that you're not alone.

Look Gorgeous Premium Lash Supply is here to offer you a solution that merges artistry with innovation, empowering you to deliver stunning, consistent lash extensions every single time.

Welcome to the future of lash artistry, where beauty knows no bounds, and challenges only serve as stepping stones to greatness.

With lash love and innovation,



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