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LED Lash Extensions System kit

This kit includes LED/UV glue, LED light, Manual and a protective glasses. Our LED lamp contains ZERO UV-B which makes it safe for our skin and our eyes. LED lash system offers oilproof lashes so your clients can enjoy the freedom of using her favorite skincare products. 

The LED adhesive cures with a flash of light, which is completely different from the traditional eyelash glue, and the curing mechanism is what gives our product unique features: Unlike traditional glue which takes 24 to 48 hrs for it to completely cure, LED glue cures completely in just 1 second. Which means clients are free to go swimming or go for facials right after the lash appointment. Eyelash adhesives give off small amount of fume which is produced during the curing process as a biproduct of the chemical reaction, but because this chemical reaction takes place in just 1 second (as oppose to 24-48 hrs), clients are exposed to the fume significantly shorter length of time compared to the traditional lash glue. Based on our testing, 8 out of 10 allergic clients can wear LED lash without a reaction. The lashes are long lasting with strong bond. Combined with its oilproof and waterproof properties, LED lashes has amazing retention your clients will love. 


Also, our LED light is safe, as it does not contain UV light. The protective glasses give lash artist extra protection against blue light. LED light is easy to operate with a foot pedal, and only flashed at the lashes 1-2 seconds at a time to cure the glue. 


We have designed the system to be so intuitive, our system do not require any training. 

Implement the LED lash system today, which will give you an edge of competitiveness to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your clients will feel the difference and wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

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LED Lash Extensions System kit


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